Why Influencers Today Absolutely Need Managers and Agents

It is definitely the age of social media marketing and influencers!! Brands nowadays need social and digital influencers in order to create the buzz they need for their new products and services and influence their target markets into increased consumption patterns. However, it’s also a fact that there’s a lot of influencers and aspiring influencers in the market; and brands are finding it increasingly hard to locate the correct influencers who fit their image and targeting. On the side of influencers, this means  that -unless they keep up the efforts to stay at the forefront of “everything”- opportunities for lucrative deals with brands might pass them by.

This is exactly where influencers’ agents and managers step in!!
If you are an influencer in the MENA region; then it’s time to read the 6 reasons why you absolutely need an agent or a manager in the near future:

  1. For starter, smart brands evaluate an influencer’s content before anything else; since let’s get real here, everyone knows what happens in the background when it comes to numbers. This means that influencers will need more time to develop valuable content, which leaves them less time to arrange collaborations and work on their PR.
  2. Managers help guiding influencers when it comes to what trends to follow and what type of content to develop in order to stay on top of their game.
  3. While influencers are taking care of their image, content and social presence, agents work 24/7 on introducing their influencers and keeping them under the brands’ radars for any upcoming work.
  4. Agents and managers also create opportunities for influencers even when brands do not initiate. Then create collaboration proposals and reach out to brands they see fit and push their influencers on and off campaigns.
  5. Managers create retail opportunities for their influencers and create new streams of income for the team in collaboration with creators and retailers.
  6. Managers scan PR lists and major events in order to find proper placement for their influencers which can create major opportunities for them with brands and the media.
  7. Managers accompany their influencers to make sure they are always under the light, in events and collaborations and with the media; because every moment under the light means new opportunities and projects for the influencer.

In sum, agents and managers act as business developers for their influencers and make sure they always have new streams of incomes and new projects in the pipeline. This collaboration means that both the influencer and the manager can make unlimited return on their exposure and unlock great potentials in both the social and digital world.

**At The Luxury Makers, we are interested in working with current and aspiring public figures / influencers in order to grow their profiles and hook them with great opportunities in the media and with brands. Send us an email to mngt@theluxurymakers.com if you’d like to become one of our privileged figures. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible so we can work together on your way to stardom!!
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