All You Need To Become a Public Figure

Our society today is full of personalities that are famous for being famous; but countering that, some personalities who deserve to be famous are not. Most often than not, the issue is due to a lack of personal branding and PR efforts, as well as the correct professional marketing for the persona in question.

Many factors contribute to the rise to fame, and managing this fame is not an easy job especially if the individual seeking it wants to build something longer lasting than a “15 minutes of fame” type of things. Since no one spills the secrets of the trade, we will be sharing with you the most important factors contributing to the making of a “famous persona”, and will leave the rest under our rug as our exclusive service to our aspiring clients.

1- Consistent Persona Branding:

If you are trying to become famous, you need to decide what do you want to be famous for. Choosing your industry and message will help you stay consistent in your choice of exposure and will get your professional image to stick with your audience much sooner.

2- Professional Content:

No matter what your chosen line of fame is, your content on social media, mass media and offline, needs to be consistent and professional. People will recognize you through the images and words you put out there, and will define you by your public appearances; this is why all those need to stay within the confines of the chosen image. Moreover, you have to take into consideration that you’re your own walking billboard, so your daily image will also need to click with the rest of the branding.

3- Filtered PR:

When you are trying to become a known figure, filtering your PR becomes a necessity. General PR is a waste of time and money, this is why you should focus on targeting specific industry heads and relevant media. Even your personal PR and presence need to be filtered.

4- Clear Contact Options:

Once you decide to become a public figure, you will want to be contacted by the media and that industry’s PRs; this is why having clear contact options is key. Have your social media, professional emails, professional website and business cards all up, running, and image consistent.

Yet, the devil is in the details … And those are our job!
The Luxury Makers

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