Become a Man of the World: 7 Ways of Leveling up for Men

If you are here, then you are probably a gentleman looking for luxury services, looking to level up, or looking to educate yourself more about the world of luxuries and how can you upgrade your own.

In this article, we will be sharing with you gents, 7 ways to level up as a gentleman of the high society or looking to join the jet set and high circles:

1- A man’s walk, just like a woman’s beauty is the first thing to notice about him. Walk straight up, look right in front of you (without shying away from meeting people’s eyes and smiling lightly), pace your walk moderately, and never slouch! A power walk might not always be suitable; especially in chill environments; but slouching is never a gentleman’s thing.

2- Dressing casual is one thing, dressing sloppy is another. Make sure you are dressed elegantly even when you’re casual. Casual dress incorporates clean, tactful clothing and accessories that are fitted and matching. Dressing sloppy involves clothes that are often too big, full of holes, dirty, stained, mismatching, and made of the wrong material.When it comes to dressing casual, it’s not so much a matter of what specific articles of clothing you choose to wear, but more so how you wear them and how they all come together. A casual dresser knows how different clothing synergize with each other while a sloppy dresser hasn’t the slightest clue and just ends up mashing everything together.

3- When suited up, opt for tailored suits. Nothing looks more elegant and high end on a man more than a tailored suit that fits him to the least of details. We totally understand that it’s impossible to have all your suits tailor made; this is why we recommend you always adjust your suits to fit you perfectly after purchasing them.

4- Add cufflinks to your outfits! Cufflinks are typically worn in formal and semi-formal occasions, as they provide the ideal alternative to buttons. The highest quality shirts will typically have links at the cuffs, and cufflinks often become an essential part of your outfit. White tie events are more formal than black tie events, with a stricter dress code that asks for more luxurious cufflinks. Mother-of-pearl cufflinks or similar designs are ideal for this kind of occasion. For a black tie event, a formal style of cufflink – such as classic silver with small details – are the right level of subtlety so not to not detract from your outfit. 

Cufflinks are simple and easy to wear, with all designs following the similar rules depending on the shirt you are wearing. If you are wearing a French cuff dress shirt, also known as double cuff shirts, you should begin by folding back the cuff. This is unnecessary with a single cuff shirt, and you can simply hold and align the cuffs together before attaching the cufflink you wish.

5- Invest in high quality watches. A watch is irrevocably the top accessory for a man, and probably the most expensive as well. This is why you should start investing in your first high quality watch. We recommend you choose your first watch to be very versatile, this is why we recommend you go for a Rolex. After that, you can work your way up within the brand, or to other brands as you see fit. With time, you will be noticing your taste swaying towards the higher end and more custom made time pieces.

6- Know your cigar, and your whisky! A gentleman is never confused about his choice of cigar and alcohol, this is why you should educate yourself a lot on wines, whiskies, other spirits and cigars. You can also attend tasting events with different brands or cigar boutiques, because that’s when they often offer education in a fun social setting.

7- Learn a new language and keep up with major international news. This last tip is super important because you can’t be a man of the world or of high society without education, worldly culture and international frame of knowledge. You can watch the news, follow up with important documentaries on various topics, and start reading the classics because they get often discussed and quoted in high society. Politics and economics are also major topics you need to be well educated on.

As a man of high society or planning to join it, you will also need to know more about the jet set lifestyle (even have someone managing it for you), major international events, and of course your personal luxuries! But that’s a whole different story and our job as well! Get in touch if you want our experts to help you level up and manage your new lifestyle! You can email us through or drop us a message through the Contact Us page linked HERE.
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