Creating Luxury Spaces 101: The 5 Essentials

A part of joining the global jet set, high society or even your own definition of a luxurious lifestyle is your surrounding spaces; mainly the ones under your personal control. Your home, your office, your garden or any other space that belong to you personally does a great deal in representing who you are and reflecting your status to society and the world in general.

As luxury professionals, we create a lot of high end spaces for our clients; so we decided to share with you the 5 essentials of creating luxury spaces in your home and office environments:

1- Start with a monochrome space with flawless finishing:

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Always make sure the room you’re working with has truly high end finishing when it comes to the basic works like the paint job, the electrical outlets, the floor tiles and all small details and connectors. No spotting, any type of marks or low quality material (like cheap or discolored plastic) can be used.

2- Make sure your lighting design is appropriate:

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Lighting is a major part of how luxurious a room or office is, so make sure the space gets enough sunlight by day and is appropriately designed to be well lit by night. If you’re not into complicated gradual lighting you can always opt for a central ceiling light with a simple but expensive looking design. No light bulbs of basic design should appear in your space. Chandeliers whether classic or modern in design are always a good choice. If your ceiling is low though, you might want to consider other more subtle options.

3- Keep your color scheme minimal:

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The best bet on luxury is always a minimal color scheme for the furniture and decor; this is why we recommend not surpassing the following: two neutral colors, one pastel or strong color, and one metallic. The four colors also need to be either on the warm or the cold side to match perfectly. You can use different gradients of the chosen pastel or strong color, but the neutrals and metallics need to come in the same shade to create harmony.

4- Use statement pieces:

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Using big statement decor pieces like a big wall painting, large sized statutes and vases, in the appropriate places and colors (following the previous scheme) will save you a lot of time and effort in selection and coordination, and will look more expensive to the eye.

5- Avoid cheap material:

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Nothing spells “luxury” like expensive material or expensive looking material. This is why you should make sure every piece looks and feels expensive (even when it’s not designer). No bad paint, cheap plastic, compressed wood or low quality fabric can be used in visible areas.

Creating a luxury space doesn’t have to be the most expensive mission; but recognizing quality and luxurious design is very important.

(Photo credits go to

The Luxury Makers
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