5 Reasons Luxury Content is Crucial to Brands Today

It’s 2019 and it’s a fact of the day that people are consuming marketing content 24/7. Whether outdoors, televised, or digital (primarily), content is vying for consumers’ attention all day long; yet, most of it can’t pass the test of commanding attention, being memorable and actually converting the audience into actual clientele.

Luxury content on the other hand, has a totally different market standing; here’s how and why is it of extreme importance for brands today:

1- Luxury content makes the audience dream:

Everybody loves a good story; and stories about luxuries make people dream of better things, better places and better times. The audience starts identifying by the aspired image portrayed and that’s exactly the point of marketing. Luxury content and luxury stories get the audience on the same page with the brand much faster than regular content, checking off the first goal of marketing campaigns much earlier in the brand’s strategy.

2- Luxury content is graphically superior and way more shareable:

Naturally, developing luxury content means targeting the highest quality of everything within content production. Luxury content ends up graphically superior and way more appealing to the eye.

What does that mean to brands though?

Simply stated, that means luxury content is highly shareable which results directly in free user generated marketing (in other words, luxury content has much higher chances of going viral). The target market of luxury content is way more prone to share back the content to their own digital circles, due to the high quality aesthetics and highly inspirational stories. Quantifying the free exposure that comes with luxury content alone is enough to make the statement for its worth.

3- Conversion rates of luxury content are substantially higher:

Because luxury content has the ability to make people dream and identify by the brand releasing the content; it naturally comes with a higher conversion rate than regular content. Luxury content is also usually deployed targeting a specific clientele which is a mix of a clientele that already has the purchasing power and a new clientele that would purchase to elevate its image (the aspiring clientele). The quality and targeting both contribute to increase the conversion rate of luxury purchases. (The conversion rate is the percentage of targeted audience that proceed to actually purchase the product or service).

4- Luxury content is timeless:

Luxury always carries elements of classicism and high end craftsmanship, and luxury content development takes that as a theme while crafting imagery and storyboards for campaigns. This is why most content campaigns relevant to high luxuries, end up being timeless and can be revived and brought back at will. That’s basically endless return on investment in luxury content production.

5- Luxury content doubles as heritage and art for the brand:

There is no high end brand that doesn’t pride itself on having heritage within the industry it belongs to, and a legacy of luxury, quality and craftsmanship. Luxury content serves as the direct reflection of this legacy in the case of existing brands; and can actually create it when it comes to newer and up and coming brands. Luxury content can also simulate art; this is why a repertoire of luxury content used for marketing, can later on serve as the high end archive of the brand and its walk down memory lane. Brands can revive and reuse this luxurious archive whenever they feel the need to remind the market of their intrinsic brand value and their historical market standing.

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