Become a Woman of the World: 7 Ways of Leveling Up for Women

Becoming a woman of the world and joining the high society is not an easy task; yet not an impossible one if you’re willing to work on yourself and invest in your own potential and some extra skills and high end things. Leveling up socially is not only a matter of buying luxuries and showing them off, it’s also a journey in growth and self development; one that will progressively take you higher in the social circles and open new doors for you to evolve on all fronts.

In this article, we will cover 7 ways of leveling up that are specific for women who want to become sophisticated women of the world and join the high society:

1- Work on your level of general culture.

Being a sophisticated lady of high society always starts with step 1: Culture. People belonging to high society have a high level of general culture that takes years to develop. Lucky enough, we are living in a world where information and knowledge are readily available. So your first mission is to start working on the level of your general culture by following up on politics, international affairs, the economy, business and sports. You can also dedicate some time to start reading the classics in literature, and all other topics that are considered social. This will allow you to be more at ease in high society and more confidence in striking conversation with just about anyone in it.

2- Learn about brands, luxuries and other jet set topics.

The next thing you will need to know, is the way of the affluent and high society people. People in high society often address the issues of particular luxuries, brands and jet set trips or events. This is why you should also make sure you’ve got these topics covered on your end. Examples of things you need to know are: Major brands and their releases (especially fashion, jewelry, watches, cars and jets), main destinations of travel of the global jet set including iconic venues, and main events coveted by the affluent crowd.

3- Transform your wardrobe.

Next in line, you need to bring yourself to look like a true affluent lady. This mission might sound an expensive one, but you can always start by transforming your wardrobe following these 4 main tips:

-Always select high quality items made with expensive-looking fabric.

-Keep your color palette minimal and classic at all times.

-Acquire the staple classic pieces first, then move to the trendy.

-Focus on statement high end accessories and never exceed 2-3 accessories per outfit.

Extra Tip: Focusing on high quality versatile and timeless items will save you both money and effort in the long run.

Extra Tip: High society people can recognize quality and brands; so avoid big logos at all cost so you don’t look like you’re trying too hard.

4- Work on your look in its smallest details.

Affluent ladies are never messy, never too casual and never unkept. This is why you need to make sure you look the part.

-You hair and nails need to be in optimal conditions and simply styled at all times. You can opt for a simple hair cut; but your hair is dyed, unkept dye is out of the question. Flashy nails and neons are definitely out of the picture.

-Your makeup needs to stay neutral and classy. (You will never encounter flashy makeup in high circles).

-Having a signature scent is a feature of high society ladies; so you can simplify this issue by choosing a high end perfume and sticking to it.

5- Learn etiquette and some hosting skills.

If you’re planning to socialize in high circles, you’ll have to get used to entertaining and being entertained frequently. This is why it’s very important to have the proper manners for these situations:

-Invest in an etiquette course so you always come off impeccable in your high end appearances and events.

-Invest in a proper hosting course so you can truly impress when it’s your turn to entertain.

6- Start showing up to events and networking with high circles.

Leveling up means also changing your circle and upgrading the social environment around you; but breaking into the high circles is not that simple. The first step in this path is to dress up, and show up confidently to events where people from the high circles tend to gather like art fairs, gallery openings, business conferences, high end exhibitions, brand events and high end sports events. That’s where you need to start networking with these people based on all the knowledge and culture you already equipped yourself with. Making friends in high circles will open new doors for you to network, level up, learn more, get invited to high end events and even score business opportunities.

7- Revamp your belongings, invest in a few high end pieces and go from there.

With all the opportunities and doors opened by high society, the time to spend on real luxuries comes. Start by acquiring an iconic watch, a few pieces of noted high jewelry, a classic scarf or two, a couple of versatile classic bags; then go from there to enlarge your collection of luxury possession scaling up to your car, house and other possessions.

PS: This is not an invitation to spend money you still don’t own. Always mind your financial situation while scaling up in luxury.

As a woman of high society or planning to join it, you will also need to know more about the jet set lifestyle (even have someone managing it for you), major international events, and of course your personal luxuries! But that’s a whole different story and our job as well! Get in touch if you want our experts to help you level up and manage your new lifestyle! You can email us through or drop us a message through the Contact Us page linked HERE.
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