Your Yearly Calendar of Events all Jet Setters Attend

As you know, becoming a global jet setter and belonging to the cosmopolitan high society means being at the most coveted events of the year along with the elite crowd. These events present huge opportunities for the jet setters, no only in terms of entertainment, but also in terms of public relations, connections, access and business.

Below, The Luxury Makers gathered for you a seasonal calendar spanning a full year of jet set events, so you know where you’re heading next!
Launching the Jet Set Year: January – February:

-Travel to Courchevel in January or February.

-Attend the Tulum music festival in January.

-Attend the Australian Open Tennis tournament in January.

-Be at the most coveted Paris Couture Week in January.

-Attend the Venice Carnival in February.

-Attend the Vienna Opera Ball in February.

-Be front row at the New York Fashion Week in February.

-Dance at the Carnival in Rio in February.

-Hit the slopes at Gstaad in February.

-Front row at London Fashion Week in February.

-Front row at Milan Fashion Week in February.

The Transition to Spring: March – April – May

-Front row at Paris Fashion Week in March.

-Attend the elite Bal De La Rose in Monaco in March.

-Then it’s Miami Winter Music Conference in March.

-Then to the royal meeting point, the Dubai Horseracing World Cup in March.

-The US Masters Golf Tournament Augusta in April.

-Coachella in April.

-And the highly coveted Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters Tennis in April.

-Then the most coveted May event, the Cannes Film Festival.

-The French Open Tennis in May.

-Prioritize the biggest elite gathering which is the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix in May.

-The Concorso d’Eleganza Villa Este in May.

Jet Set Endless Summers: June – July – August

-Hit Ibiza’s opening parties in between May and June.

-And again to the Paris Haute Couture Week in June.

-The US Open Tennis in June.

-Then the most coveted Royal Ascot Horseracing London, in June.

-Cartier Queen’s Cup Polo London in June.

-Then the Wimbledon Tennis in July.

-Fly to Mykonos in between July and August.

-Then to party in St Tropez in between July and August.

-Travel to romantic Porto Cervo – Sardinia in August.

-Attend Burning Man in August.

Jet set end of summer: September

-Then the elite Venice Film Festival in September.

-The roll of fashion weeks all over again in September.

-The Ibiza closing parties in September.

-The elite Monaco Yacht Show in September.

The jet set fall and end of year: October – November – December

-Then Frieze London in October.

-Attend the Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in November.

-Art Basel Miami in December.

-Palm Springs Film Festivals in December.

-And close it with the BNP Paribas Open Indiana Tennis Tournament at Indian Wells in December.

At The Luxury Makers, we already provide access and luxury bookings to some of these events (Venice Film Festival and Ball, Cannes Film Festival, Formula 1 Rounds, Bal De la Rose – Monaco, fashion weeks … & many more). Contact our lifestyle curator and manager using the following email or leave a message through the contact form HERE.

The Luxury Makers
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