The 5 Pillars of Luxury Content

Developing luxury content is no game. In fact, all types of luxury content especially graphic and written, require a certain mastery of the art along with major focus on staying within the luxury realm without falling for the cliches of the media.

Below are 5 pillars of luxury content that apply in every single situation:

1- Written words are some serious challenge, especially in an online arena where words abound. When content is being developed for a luxury campaign, brand or publication; only professional writers can be hired because the slightest grammar mistake, typo or low leveled vocab can totally ruin the image. Writing luxuriously also means using an adequate level of language that’s elevated, but still easy to understand without being the everyday slang.

2- Colors in luxury content are very important. There’s isn’t a specific palette to abide by, but the colors absolutely have to be rich while the overall palette needs to stay minimal. Anything faded or damaged-looking cannot convey a message of luxury.

3- Luxury is expensive and dense when it comes to value; which also applies to luxury content. Luxury content whether written words, graphics or any multimedia needs to be concise in volume and very concentrated with ideas focusing on the main message. Creating too much content or over-elaborating makes luxury content loose its value and focus.

4- Cohesiveness is key in developing luxury content. There’s nothing luxurious about a luxury publication, campaign or content that’s not completely cohesive. This is why it is important to stick to one style of writing, one high end vocabulary, a strict color palette, coherent imagery and unified layouts.

5- Scarcity comes naturally to luxury content, as it comes naturally to luxury! Diffusing luxury content cannot work at the same pace of diffusing regular content; because luxury content shouldn’t be produced at a rate that might cheapen it and dilute the message behind it. This is why luxury campaigns need to save their dollar to backup exposure for a few campaigns instead of spreading themselves too thin.

At The Luxury Makers, luxury branding and developing luxury content was one of the first services we launched with. We provide everything from concept creation, to photography for luxury brands, passing by the written content. Find out more about our “branding and luxury content development” service HERE. You can also get in touch through email or through the contact page HERE.

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