Modern Jet Set Luxury Travel Destinations

One of the biggest expenditures of the jet set, is luxury travel, for it perfectly serves both functions of being a great life experience and an efficient way to show off status and money. Luxury travel covers everything from sabbaticals, to seasonal vacations and international elitist events-based trips.

However, the modern jet set seems to be way more demanding than the previous generation of affluent travelers; and tends to seek more adventurous, exotic and remote experiences. The new map of jet set travels, according to lifestyle management concierges and luxury travel agencies, has expanded substantially to include remote regions of the world, areas of extreme weather, countries that were never too open to foreigners and a lot of secluded locations and exotic cultures.

Below are the top 15 destinations frequented by current jet setters and billionaires in 2019 and booked for 2020:

Montenegro might be less known than its neighboring countries; but its slice of Adriatic coast is breathtaking and now no longer lacks luxury accommodations as it did before. Besides the Aman chain, Chedi Lustica already opened and One & Only is following it with Portonovi in Boka Bay.

14- OMAN

Oman had been appearing to be the next big thing for luxury travelers lately, the country is beautiful, quiet and doesn’t lack luxury resorts such as the Chedi Muscat, and the 2 Anantara resorts among a few others. The peak season to travel to Oman is between October and April; and the top attractions are centered around the country’s topography and culture.


France is an old classic on the jet set travel schedule. However, the French touristic scene is very fluid and seems to be centered lately around the area of Champagne! Recent shots of luxury were added to the region with the opening of The Royal Champagne Hotel, and main experiences are centered around vineyard tours, tastings, a Bollinger backstage experience, and make your own champagne experience.


There isn’t much to add to what we all know of the beauty and luxury of Great Britain. From London all the way to the countryside, luxury resorts and hotels abound; and lifestyle experiences are too diversified to describe!!


Spiritual India has always been a touristic attraction; more so now that many luxury hotel chains are landing in its various cities. The country is hosting Ardh Kumbh as well, which is the biggest spiritual festival in the world happening in a rotation between 4 cities; giving the country a stronger foot in luxury travel as of 2019.


Chile is known to have a rich history, amazing culture and breathtaking landscapes; it’s also on the new list for luxury travelers with the luxury resort Explora Rapa Nui at Easter Island. Chile does not offer traditional luxury, but rather cultural authenticity and amazing scenery 360 degrees around.


Turkey is a beautiful escape from the typical European getaways because of the mixed culture it presents. In effect, Turkey offers luxury both the European and Oriental flavors, and accommodates both Eastern and Western jet setters. The most beautiful thing about Turkey though, will always be the different worlds each of its regions offers.


The Seychelles is a top request luxury travel agents and lifestyle managers keep receiving. The North Island in particular, set in the middle of the Indian Ocean, is a favorite of the A-Listers and royals.


Myanmar, the house of history, beautiful scenery and endless boat trips is a perfect exotic getaway for the rich and famous. Ngapali Beach, a luxury beach retreat, is a particular favorite. Not without a spiritual experience, tourists can always take part in a robe-offering ceremony with Buddhist monks.


Despite its most recent civil war, Rwanda sparks interest as a beautiful destination for nature and the wildlife in its three national parks: Akagera, Nyungwe and Volcanoes National Park. The last park is the perfect place to see mountain gorillas in the wild.


Trekking in Bhutan is the perfect activity for the adventurous luxury traveler. Treks to many of Bhutan monasteries as well as mountain biking are available along with archery tournaments. The beauty of the country is the fact that it remains unspoiled.


In 2019, Colombia received more travel bookings than the 5 preceding years! Home to breathtaking jungles and beautiful colonial cities; the country also presents wildlife focused camping experiences in private reserves; always a good change from the usual leisure retreat.


After being named a top place to travel in 2017, Iceland’s Northern Lights are the main attraction to many luxury travelers with a taste for extreme weather. There’s also beautiful crystal caves, massive waterfalls, Icelandic horses and black sand beaches to enjoy!


Japan, the tech giant, the particular culture, and the post modern soul also doesn’t fail offering several luxury travel highlights on its main Island of Honshu, from bathing hot spring snow monkeys to skiing in Nagano. Train experiences are super luxurious in Japan, with 360 degrees views and glass ceilings; they can go up to 22000$ for a 2-3 days trip.


Marvelous Egypt! No wonder this country sits among the top 15 destinations the jet set is visiting lately! Cruises between Luxor and Aswan have become very luxurious while docking for visits of archaeological sites, temples and tombs. Soon enough, the Grand Egyptian Museum, relocated to overlook the pyramids of Giza, will open its doors to display the complete collection of the famous king Tutankhamun which was never publicly shown. It will also be the biggest museum in the world devoted to a single civilization.

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