Why HNWIs Nowadays Absolutely Need Lifestyle Managers

Lifestyle management is a relatively modern concept in the ever evolving lifestyle industry and an increasingly expanding luxury industry. The concept of lifestyle management is based on providing clients with the luxury of time and hassle free access to the world’s most coveted lifestyle experiences and luxuries of all sorts. Luxury lifestyle managers work on creating, customizing and contracting the best luxury experiences for jet setters; while white glove professionals work on delivering it impeccably to them.

Since lifestyle management is relatively a new domain in today’s world, here are the reasons why HNWIs, business people, public personas and political leaders absolutely need lifestyle managers:

1- Time Saving:

The first benefit you will reap from a lifestyle management service is saving all the time you spend on planning your lifestyle (travel, bookings, fine dining experiences, events….) to reinvest in more productive activities, while someone else takes care of it all.

2- Hassle Saving:

Trying to find the best provider of private aviation? Top jet setting destinations? Private villas? Guided shopping sprees with personal stylists and shoppers in fashion capitals? Jet set events to attend? And all types of lifestyle experiences?

A lifestyle manager already did his research and will save you the hassle of having to research it all, while providing you with the best available choices for you to select from.

3- Exclusive Accesses:

Planning to attend Fashion Weeks? Formula 1 rounds? Or some red carpets from Cannes to Venice? You lifestyle manager already has access to these events and their after parties, and can make sure you are booked as a VIP and treated as such once on premises!!

4- Exclusive Retail:

High end luxury curators are very well versed in the luxury retail industry and are always up to date with the latest and most private collections including art pieces. Your luxury curator / manager can help you access the best available items in terms of fashion, high jewelry, watches, art pieces and much more! Extra perks of working with a luxury lifestyle manager is the occasional access to private sales of your most coveted brands, as well as to their private collections.

5- Premium Event Management:

Lifestyle curators and managers also make the best event managers. Due to his/her access to the luxury industry and expertise in luxury management; your lifestyle manager can set up your private events like no regular event manager can. And can add exclusive features to any private gathering, no regular event manager can access.

6- Lifestyle Coherence:

Once you have one dedicated lifestyle manager taking care of all the previously mentioned areas of your lifestyle; your whole lifestyle will come together coherently, your experiences will diversify and multiply, your personal style will feature exquisite pieces and an impeccable style, and your private event will become the talk of the town.

7- Image Refinement:

Refining your public image will come naturally, as a byproduct of your lifestyle manager’s compounded choices over time; as the best personal lifestyle management services also include public relations management and image management. Upgrading your overall lifestyle, along with your personal style will directly contribute to your public image, standing, and social clout.

At The Luxury Makers, we provide all of the aforementioned services to our VIP clientele personally and confidentially. Contact us by email (mngt@theluxurymakers.com) or phone (+96170136595) to inquire more; or visit our Contact Form linked HERE.

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