But … What is a Lifestyle Manager??

One of the hardest questions to answer, is what do you do? When it’s in effect many things, new things, and complicated things. The Luxury Makers is a company based on luxury lifestyle management, luxury marketing and communications, and high end events! But since everyone knows what’s luxury marketing and high end events, we often get questions about luxury lifestyle management. These questions often come under the following three forms: What’s luxury lifestyle management? What services do you sell? Who are you clients?

So for this article, we will provide brief answers addressing these questions for everyone to get to know us more:

1- What’s luxury life management?

Luxury lifestyle management is the job of managing HNWIs and busy people’s lifestyles to save them the hassle and the time of having to manage it themselves. The concept of the business covers such a wide range of services that it covers all the aspects of a high life.

2- What services do you sell?

As luxury curators and lifestyle managers, we sell a wide range of services, below, kindly find the main services:

-Private jets, yachts and luxury rides booking (and acquisition)

-Travel tailoring

-VIP access to jet set events arrangement (Paris Fashion Week, Cannes Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, Lapland Ice Drift, several rounds of Formula 1, and much more…)

-Private villa’ booking for vacation rentals or events

-Luxury acquisition (jewelry, watches, art, precious stones… etc…)

-High end private shopping and stylists’ booking in fashion capitals (Paris and London with more coming up soon)

-Private image management along with reputation management and high end PR crafting

-High end placement (in terms of high end sponsorships)

-Supercars consultancy and acquisition

-Private luxury events management

-Luxury education

These are the main services provided, but we also customize services according to clients’ requests.

3- Who are your clients?

Our clients are typically royalty, HNWIs, business people, lifestyle connoisseurs and public figures.

Want to join our luxury lifestyle world? Contact us today by calling +96170136595, emailing mngt@theluxurymakers.com, or using our contact form linked HERE.

The Luxury Makers
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