Top 5 Events to Meet the Rich and Famous

If you are a new socialite, a business HNWI, or just joined the global jet set, then you must be looking forward to meet your peers from all over the world to expand your PR. And as you already know by now, there are high end events happening all over the world annually where the rich and famous, and socialites all over the world gather.

Here are top 5 events where you can meet royalty, HNWI, global socialites and jet setters:

-Cannes Film Festival and Venice Film Festival:

These two high end festivals are where you get to meet not only the rich and famous, but also the world’s top stars of the film and entertainment industries.

-Formula 1 Rounds:

Of all the rounds, Monaco, Singapore and Abu Dhabi are loaded with HNWIs, so make sure you make it to at least one of these rounds!

-Royal Ascot Race and The Dubai World Cup:

Needless to say, horses are a rich people’s thing! These 2 races happening in Dubai and London are a true hub of royalty and HNWIs; they are essential to boost your high end PR.

-Bal De La Rose (Monaco):

This event was established by the eternal beauty Grace of Monaco. It is a high end gala dinner and fundraiser where HNWIs, royalty and socialites meet in beautiful Monaco to celebrate glamour with a purpose. It is a highly coveted event for royal grade PR.

-Paris Couture Week:

Among all fashion weeks, couture week in Paris is usually the most extravagant and the one where brands target HNWIs and throw their most lavish shows and after parties. It is a great bi-yearly occasion to meet the world’s A-List and their wives! It is also a great PR occasion for women in particular.

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