Another 12 Reversed Rules of Luxury Marketing

After having discussed the first 12 reversed rules of luxury marketing in the previous article (linked HERE), we will spare you introductions this time and move right away to sharing with you another 12 reversed rules of luxury marketing.

Find even more controversial luxury marketing keys below, and don’t forget to go back to the previous article to get the full picture:

1- Raise your prices as time goes on, in order to increase demand. In luxury, demand tends to behave differently, and tends to increase with prices so you might as well apply an extra premium with every round.

2- Keep raising the average price of the product range. Same as the above, your whole brand needs to be getting more expensive with the years.

3- Do not sell. We do not mean do not sell at all, but rather don’t become commercial.

4- Keep stars out of your advertising. Because they need to be your organic clients.

5- Cultivate closeness to the arts for initiate. The arts make you transcend everything that’s commercial and will give you an even more luxurious standing.

6- Do not relocate your factories. How would you feel if you knew Hermes bags were, for example, being made in China? Unless it’s a Chinese brand, you need to be keeping your factories close.

7- Do not hire influencers. Rather capitalize on the actual purchase of your brand / service by socialites and HNWIs.

8- Do not provide any way to test your brand. Your previous clients will speak for you; and art doesn’t need to be functional.

9- Do not look for consensus. Art is subjective, so is luxury; so trying to get general consensus will take you back to being commercial.

10- Do not look for cost reduction. Trying to cut costs is not usually a feature of luxury. Do not spare a cost and mark up your products or services!

11- Do not look after group synergies. Specialization in every task involved in the delivery of luxury is important. Refer to number 10.

12- Do not sell openly on the Internet. You can market openly, but you cannot sell openly. You will need to keep your distribution very exclusive, preferably through your own channels.

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