3 Ideas For A Perfect Small Luxury Event

A small virus changed our world and how we’ve been conducting our lifestyle since late 2019. In reality, this pandemic, COVID-19, imposed too many restrictions that the whole lifestyle industry had to adapt, and will have to reinvent itself. Relevantly, the event industry shrank in size and started adopting a lot of restrictive measures in order to avoid contagion.

Moreover a great number of UHNWIs and HNWIs are not fans of big events to start with, and prefer their private events small and intimate.

Since events, especially private events, became much smaller to respect COVID restrictions and cater to the taste of many; we’ve been trying to make them even more customized, luxurious and distinguished.

Here are 3 ideas to upgrade your small private event:
1- Order Customized Bottles Of Wine:

Nothing screams luxury like customized exotic wines! Imagine you’re at the dinner table, then the wine dropping carries the name of the host with a specific inscription that it had been bottled and shipped specifically for him/her all the way from another part of the globe! Impressive! For extra luxury, have a card describing the wine’s origin and other details with the bottle!

2- Create Personal Return Gifts:

Since the event is small and private, then you know your guests by name; this is why offering them return gifts that carry their names in particular, is always a great move to add a layer of luxury to any small luxurious event.

3- Personalized Catering:
lifestyle manager emirates

Ever heard of personalized catering? You probably didn’t! This is why we’re keeping the bigger idea in a card close to our chests; but will let you know that you can do the same thing with catering as with the first two customized elements!

Planning for a small luxurious event any time soon? Allow us to add a touch of classy extravagance by contacting us using mngt@theluxurymakers.com. Our services range from concept making to execution; we can also work remotely with your current event planner or even fly in!

-Pictures are not owned by us-

The Luxury Makers
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