Luxury Marketing, PR and Media Management

At “The Luxury Makers” we have our unique way of approaching marketing, PR and media management. Whether a new concept is being created or a current concept is in need of a facelift; we use foolproof  communication strategies that guarantee much higher traction than expected in a similar case or market. Our approach is smart, targeted and a bit twisted. We actually work on creating anticipation, exposure and demand, before the brand, service, or new launch hits the market. We also use a safe marketing / business development approach that will set the concept on the road to success before big risks are taken. Our approach is at a cross roads between marketing and business development. Applying it becomes easier when we’re on board from the beginning.

Are you an entrepreneur with a concept to develop, or a brand with a new launch (product or service), or even an existing business with a concept to market??
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Then allow us to guide you as of step one, and provide you with targeted luxury marketing, public relations, media management and business development under the form of:

-Full Branding:

We provide full branding services encompassing the production of all graphic and textual content (logo, mission, vision, website, website content, social media pages, social media content, articles, draft communications, press releases, media content and all other promotional content online and offline).

-Conceptual Planning:

We guide the development of the idea when it’s new, we elaborate it, adapt it to the market and introduce it safely.

-Market Introduction:

We guide new introductions to the market through online and offline marketing campaigns, accompanied by PR and media campaigns. Sometimes, and upon request, these campaigns are also preceded by teasing campaigns targeting anticipation.

-Overarching Communication Plans & Execution:

We provide all encompassing communication campaigns based on offline presence in the media or POS, web and social media marketing, PR and media exposure, influencer reach and live activations, as well as branded events.

-Business Development Plans:

We strategize and guide the distribution of products, and develop the business through direct pull strategies for services. So we make sure all our clients’ products and services land the market safely.

-Comprehensive Business Plans:

We create all encompassing business plans spanning all of the above. We deliver both planning and execution; or planning alone if the client prefers to execute his strategies in-house.

Please note that services can be executed jointly or separately according to the client’s request. For instance we can take care of the PR, brranding, events, media management or social media separately. We also provide third party consultancy for companies wishing to execute their own strategies.

To inquire more about our luxury marketing services please drop us a line using our official email or go to our Contact Us page.

The Luxury Makers
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