Luxury & Business Collaborations Management

At The Luxury Makers, and while developing our luxury lifestyle offerings and client base; we had the privilege of being put us in contact with many successful businesses and business people in several parts of the globe, in the luxury industry and other industries. Our web of public relations evolved in such a way that we’ve become connected to a large web of high end businesses based in Lebanon, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, France, Monaco, UK, Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, India, Singapore and of course the United States!

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What can we do for you?

Based on these connections, The Luxury Makers offers its clients, both business people and corporate entities, the option to connect with their counterparts in order to generate new collaborations and new business.

All of our business connection deals are protected by international Non-Disclosure, Non Circumvention, Non Competition Agreements under the International Chamber of Commerce; so if you are seeking to get connected with major luxury providers or interested in market introductions along other businesses in our business centers and our partners’, we will provide you with the connections you need and follow through with your deal until completion!

For inquiries about our business intermediation and business PR services, kindly contact us privately through this email: mentioning the relevant industry or type of venture so we can assess it immediately and reply back whether we can take up the project or not. Assessment for this type of inquiries takes us between 48 hours to 1 week.

The Luxury Makers
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