Creative Luxury Consultancy

There isn’t a shortage of firms that offer business development and creative solutions consulting on the market. This is why we will not go into describing those services; instead, we will tell you what we do differently.

At “The Luxury Makers” we study your business deeply through an extensive listening process to find the gaps, scan all areas we can improve, or find new creative ways to target your market.

Here ‘s how we help you upscale your business:

-We offer new business development strategies that help reaching your target market in different ways. The more luxurious your offering, the more targeted and personal the strategy we offer becomes.

-We shake up your marketing strategy and transform it into a pull strategy that’ll tease your target market and indirectly attract it to your product or service.

-If your market is limited and exclusive, we use private PR strategies to allow you to expose your services to your direct target market locally and regionally. These strategies include private strategies to target high net worth individuals in particular.

-When within our scope of business, we help you strike business development deals for your business to expand along other relevant businesses and create synergies across your industry.

-We connect you with the media and influence scene to create targeted exposure for your services and products, and work diligently on controlling the outcome in terms of content and market segmentation.

Our business solutions and business development strategies are free of extra frills, specifically if you are into the luxury industry. We work on improving your internal processes for efficiency, luxury branding, segmented exposure, and business development strategies that directly target your market. We also redirect all of your branding, marketing, communications, and PR efforts towards business development; and readjust them to reflect a higher ROI.

We also offer private strategies of direct targeting that we only share with very few clients because they are based on private PR and personal positioning

To inquire more, please feel free dropping us an email using or go to our Contact Us page.

The Luxury Makers
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