Image Management

Business people, public figures and jet setters who are looking to develop their businesses, go international, develop their networks and their social / economic influence; absolutely need to work on their professional/social image and exposure.

Having a polished public image, positions an individual in the perfect light to open doors and move ahead in the exact direction they choose businesswise. Moreover, it gives social notoriety and presence, and furthers PR networks and access.

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This is how The Luxury Makers can help you manage your image:
-Personal Image Management:

We manage and uplift your style, lifestyle, and online/offline image to reflect the exact standing you are seeking vis a vis your social circles and the public in general. This task can have several facets according to scope, starting from managing your style and wardrobe, choice of social events and consulting on when and where to make presence, up to appearances in the media and red carpets. We cover all the elements of image and all the points of public contact in order to give you the desired social imprint and authority.

-Business Reputation Management:

From your actual business presence to your online presence, we make sure everything in your business image reflects you and your personal brand combined with your professional brand. We restyle your business for maximum impact and exposure; and include your personal touch as well. We also add personal messages, exposure PR initiatives and social involvement to allow your business to highlight you as a business person. Business image management encompasses both online and offline elements as well as social work. We work with all types of relevant elements to highlight the business person, not only the business, in the chosen environment and beyond.

(We also use technical online strategies to position you on top of business searches in several relevant circles).

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-High Networking and PR:

If you are looking into expanding your business network and personal reach; we help tweaking your lifestyle, planning special events as well as indirect PR introductions through personal initiatives, sponsorships, as well as collaborations that will position you exactly within your targeted high end circles.

-High Exposure:

If you are looking into even higher and far reaching regional/global exposure, we provide you with a higher scale event management service, high scale initiative undertaking, as well as media management and ongoing online management, for maximum efficiency in terms of both business and personal exposure. We also provide an exclusive high end media service that reaches premium outlets such as Fox News, NBC, CNBC and their regional equivalents.

Moreover, we provide you with the relevant connections to sponsor or act as a patron in the highest end global jet set events such as the F1 rounds, film festivals and international business galas.

The combination of all of these services together, dramatically increases any business person’s prestige, network and regional / international influence; and ultimately impacts the success of his/her business.

Email us using or our Contact Us page, to inquire further about this exclusive and private service.

The Luxury Makers
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