Luxurious Private Aviation Services

Within our aim to provide the best luxury services to our clients, private aviation is always one central service; this is why The Luxury Makers partnered up with some of the celebrities’ choices, and the best providers of luxury private jets in the world!!

Let’s find out more together…

Flying to over 40 000 airports in the world, and covering every single jet set location and exclusive high end event, using the latest and most luxurious jets currently available; our private aviation suppliers are the top providers of private aviation services in the world.

And because we don’t want you to have to think of your flight, but rather of your destination; all you need to do is let us know that you want to fly in style! Then our team will make sure you receive all the options available (from different providers), within 24 hours along with the rates and any extra services available! We will also make sure you arrive to  your specific destination luxuriously, down to the door!

That’s not everything: We also make sure we have luxurious flights ready to fly you to all major jet set destinations (Riviera in summer, Alps in Winter, Courchevel, London, Geneva … You name it) and exclusive events ( Fashion Weeks, Cannes Festival, Grand Prix rounds, The Dubai World Cup, FIFA World Cup and hundreds of major high end events all over the world…).

Some of our aviation partners like Diamonte Jets for instance are specialized in celebrities and jet set events (check it out below in the pictures). Some others, such as Jetflite are more into high access. We also have options that handle diplomacy, and we cover the widest range of destinations possible on a very expansive map.

One extra luxury moment: We can book you celebrity jets sometimes! For instance, this last Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2019, we had Lewis Hamilton’s private jet along our luxurious jets!

Surf the pictures below -taken from Diamonte Jets’ social media archives to check some of our VIP clients! Contact us directly by phone or email to book your private flight and accompanying luxury services, all points of contact are available on our Contact Us Page.

**Only pictures with permits make it to our website and social media, clients’ privacy is a priority.

private jet rental dubai
Mariah Carey also flies with us!
private jet rental dubai
Victoria Beckham flying with us!
private jet rental dubai
Naomi Campbell on board as well !!
Anthony Joshua and Friends
luxury private jets riyadh abu dhabi
DJ Bang on board with us !!
luxury private jets
Bollywood Actress Jaclynn Fernandez flying Diamonte
luxury private jets
Filming on premises in London
private jets rental dubai
Anushka Sharma flying with us!
private jet rental dubai
Jazmine May is our guest as well!
private jet rental doha
Miss England Hammasa on board!
private jet rental dubai
Wizkid on board!
private jets rental lebanon
In the mood for Courchevel? We fly there!
private jets rental beirut
Sunsetting and private jetting with us!
private jets rental uae
Current setting on one of our planes!!
private jets rental middle east
Door to door luxuriously!
private jets rental dubai
Another beautiful setting on one of our planes!
private jets rental lebanon
Always flying to F1 destinations !!
private jet rental dubai
The latest and greatest in luxury always!
private jet rental beirut
No airport queues … Fly luxuriously!
The Luxury Makers
lifestyle management qatar saudi arabia united arab emirates

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