Luxury & Art Acquisition

Our clients are always our priority, this is why we decided to put our extensive web of available and private supply of luxuries at their fingertips.

Acquiring high luxuries of certain types like gems and art, is not an easy task as the process goes through a lot of scanning and filtering on one end; or faces shortages of supply on the other end; and can also face overvaluing when buying or undervaluing when selling!

What is the service about?

At The Luxury Makers, we assist client in finding all their favorite luxuries, ranging from luxury real estate to rare gems, watches and pieces of art, through our private network of suppliers and collectors. We take up the mission end to end to make sure the client gets the best deal on both ends, and we provide all possible facilitation services from inquiry to purchase and delivery.

luxury acquisition agency
What kind of luxuries do we work with?

We work with a very wide range of luxuries upon availability through our networks, but also are always on the lookout for available and new supply beyond them. Here’s a short list of luxuries we work with: Art (mainly paintings, upon availability from private patrons), luxury apartments, luxury cars, high end watches, diamonds and rare gems, and gold etc…

luxury acquisition agency
The Process:
All you need to do is to get in touch with us so we can circulate your request across our luxury acquisition agents or private patrons, to match you with the right seller. Then we will respond with the availability of supply, prices, procedure and other details.

You may also get in touch with us as a seller.

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For luxury acquisition services in particular, kindly email us using instead of using the contact form provided, in order to process your request and schedule a call as soon as possible.

The Luxury Makers
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