Luxury Customization

Luxury becomes even more valuable when it’s customized, and catered to the taste of the owner. This is why at The Luxury Makers, we’ve partnered up with several designers and creators of fashion, art and interior decor in order to present to our clients customized pieces that are one time only creations.

luxury lifestyle management middle east saudi arabia
What do we do for you?

-We receive your request for a customized luxury; whether it is a piece you already own and would like to customize or create from scratch.

-We run it by our creators.

-We send you suggestions so you can choose from several customization options; unless you have your own vision (then in this case we just execute it).

-Upon your choice, we proceed into executing the customization and sending you the final product.

luxury lifestyle management middle east saudi arabia
What do we customize?

We customize many luxuries starting with fashion, couture, furniture, jewellery, art, gifts and wine bottles.

Contact us using our email or the Contact Us page in order to inquire about our private customization service.

The Luxury Makers
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