The Luxury Makers, your bespoke lifestyle management and luxury acquisition agency, provides many services from travel tailoring to event management, spanning different bookings, VIP event access, luxury purchases & customization, art acquisition, personal shopping, image management, luxury branding, lifestyle uplift and many many more.

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Lifestyle Management:

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We manage all aspects of your lifestyle, such as travel, all sorts of bookings, reservations, gift giving, private events, shopping, and all sorts of high end experiences to give you the luxury of time and carefree lifestyle.

We also provide the unique service of consulting on your lifestyle to upgrade and uplift it through different choices, while facilitating your day to day activities.

You can click on the links below to read about our “Lifestyle Management” services:

-Private Aviation

-Lifestyle Management

-Image Management

-Luxury Lifestyle Consultancy


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We provide access to many of the world’s top notch events: F1 rounds, post-F1 drivers’ parties, fashion shows, fashion weeks, film festivals, The Grammys, Vanity Fair, high end business galas and much more red carpets!

And we also create luxury event concepts and execute high end private and branded events; as one time non-repeat experiences for our clients. We also fly to provide this service.

You can click on the links below to read about our “Events Access and Design” services:

-Luxury Event Management

-Global A-List Events’ Access

Luxury & Art Acquisition:

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Our team and different agents work at locating luxuries at scarce supply or long waiting lists and make sure our clients get them before anyone else. This service applies to planes, yachts, cars, jewelry, watches, bags and precious art pieces such as paintings, sculptures and other art pieces. When asked for, we also provide luxury real estate services for our clients in major cities such as Paris, London, Dubai and many more thought after locations.

Moreover, our lifestyle management clients can order customized luxuries from our many suppliers ranging from couture, jewelry, gems to wine bottles.

You can click on the links below to read about our “Luxury & Art Acquisition” services:

-Luxury & Art Acquisition

-Luxury Customization

Luxury Communications:

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We provide unique luxury communications services: marketing, digital marketing, luxury content, high end PR, and media management; for luxury brands, and for brands looking to join the ranks of luxury. We also provide state of the art luxury creative consultancy and create synergic state of the art collaborations between brands.

You can click on the links below to read about our “Luxury Communications” services:

-Luxury Branding & Content Management

-Luxury Marketing, PR & Media Management

-Creative Luxury Consultancy

-Luxury Collaborations Management

All services of The Luxury Makers, are aimed at providing lifestyle clients and brands with the highest standards of excellence, efficiency and luxury. 

The Luxury Makers
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