The Luxury Makers Office in Lebanon

It’s been a few months since The Luxury Makers, your luxury business developer in MENA launched operations in Lebanon. But that launch was conducted from temporary offices. Our company finally chose a main office, and our choice fell nothing short of our name … High end luxury office signed by the famous interior architect Aziz Rbeiz.

We’re just sharing a few corners for now because we’re so excited to break in the news. But we will be sharing more, once our office is fully decorated and operational !!
luxury management middle east
The glass is elevated on statutes…
luxury company lebanon
Corners …
luxury company lebanon
Even the walls….
business development company lebanon
You welcome…
luxury management middle east
Every single detail …
luxury management middle east
Bronze all the way…
luxury management middle east
Big ticket items…
luxury company lebanon
In luxury, even offices can’t escape the necessity of being high end…
business development company lebanon
And wave-shaped divided floor….
business development company lebanon
Wave shaped walls…
Our new address is: Lebanon – Kaslik – Moudabber Center – Block B – Ground Floor | Pretty simple … You can just park at the door and come in for a coffee!
The Luxury Makers

luxury consultancy middle east

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