Travel Trends In 2020

The luxury industry is evolving in such a way that experiences purchased as now as important as physical luxuries acquired. Luxury travel is definitely on top of all luxury experiences, and trends in high end travel are changing drastically the last few years.

Here are the major trends and shifts in the luxury travel industry as of 2020:

1- Sleeping trains are coming back:

High end trains with sleeping booths are coming back strong, because traveling slowly by land, savoring nature and landscapes across cities and borders, is back in trend!

2- Home and hotels are becoming more and more interchangeable:

High end travelers are becoming more and more demanding with their hotels. Nowadays they require feeling like they’re home. This is why home-like settings and arrangements are highly appreciated.

3- Sustainability is center stage:

Sustainable enterprise in tourism and travel is making way as a full business model. And as the modern jet setter is becoming more and more interested in saving the planet; his/her luxury needs are becoming more and more mindful of sustainability. Sustainable tourism is gaining an increasing percentage of jet setters every year.

4- Photography is major:

It’s the age of social media where travel experiences along with their relevant exquisite photography are the stars of the show. This is why photo friendly spaces and picturesque nature is gaining momentum in 2020!

5- Privacy is sacred:

High end travelers are becoming more and more mindful of their own peace and privacy. This is why facilities and resorts designed for maximum privacy are trending more than others.

6- Slowing down and traveling mindfully is taking over:

Travel in the last century was focused on taking advantage of the time and doing the maximum number of activities while visiting the biggest number of places and attractions. This trend had been in decline since, as traveling slowly, mindfully, while savoring each experience is taking over. It’s no longer about how much travelers squeeze in one trip, but how much they actually enjoy it.

7- Food is one of the most relevant variables:

Experiencing local cuisine and culturally relevant food had become one of the most variables during travel. This trend had been on the rise the last 10 years and notably at an all times high in 2020.

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