Lifestyle Management Services

Lifestyle management services are needed today  in order to help the busy and the affluent manage their lifestyle without taking the trouble of having to arrange everything themselves. We have experienced lifestyle managers working with our clients and other clients to enhance their luxury lifestyle choices, bookings, tailored travels, prestigious events’ access, high end networks, luxury acquisitions and social events.

This lifestyle management service by “The Luxury Makers” features a very high level of luxury access, allowing affluent clients to join the international jet set community, by assisting them on all levels using the highest standards adopted by the currently known cosmopolitan jet set, and providing them with the best lifestyle management services; setting their time and minds free to go about their other occupations.

At “The Luxury Makers” we offer an elaborate lifestyle management service encompassing the following:
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Private Aviation: We book and manage private flights and all private aviation arrangements all over the world through the best and most luxurious providers of private jets in the industry. We also provide special edition and celebrity jets upon availability.

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Luxury Stays: We provide the most luxurious  stays all over the jet set  locations for our clients through a private real estate rental portfolio of over 400 high end villas and over 4000 hotels.

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High End Events’ Access: Looking to stroll Cannes Film Festival or Venise Film Festival’s red carpets? Maybe attend the Grand Prix from a HNWIs private yacht? Attend London Fashion Week from the front rows? Or access the world’s most coveted events and business galas? We tailor and provide access to these events seasonally. Our calendar of yearly events is always available to be shared with you.

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Styling and Private Shopping: We style our clients according to their personal taste and international fashion standards as well as the cosmopolitan jet set profile through taking care of their personal style choices based on international timeless standards. In this respect we provide the full style consultancy along with timeless style recommendations, and private shopping. We can also undertake this styling project as a continuous project by keeping our clients updated with the latest and greatest in the fashion / style and lifestyle worlds. This service can be provided remotely; but we also fly to provide it personally.

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Luxury Acquisition: We acquire rare watches and jewelry pieces for our clients; as well as pieces of rare art ranging from modern artists up to Picasso and other well known artists. We also work on private deals of luxury acquisition for our clients confidentially to allow them to own luxury real estate, special edition cars and rare one time pieces from all over the world.

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Luxury Customization: We provide our clients with customized one piece only luxuries upon demand. This service covers fashion, jewelry making, and interior decor. As well as early information about any items of the sort we get to access privately.

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Brand Access: We provide exclusive brand access with some of the world’s premium brands (brand names are protected by NDAs) to skip our waiting lists and brand history requirements. We also provide our clients with access to limited edition and private collections.

Private Events: We provide state of the art privately customized events for our clients, where we handle the customization of all elements personally and work along our clients closely to make sure their image is reflected in every single detail. We also fly to provide event design services, in this case, we contract local execution but oversee it to the very last detail.

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Supercars’ Consultancy: We provide high end automotive consultancy. In fact, one of the most reputable super cars’ experts in the Middle East is on our team today, in order to consult on our clients’ choices in luxury cars and engines. This service will be extended to individuals seeking to drive a unique car that is suited to their unique image and is a perfect fit to their standing.  Our expert will guide the choice of the car and its private customization; to end up with a unique luxury ride fit for every client and his distinct image.

Contact us for more details about our lifestyle management services and let us know what we can do to manage, upgrade and restyle your lifestyle!! Drop us an email using or visit our “Contact Us” page.

The Luxury Makers
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